Buttons. The Amish don't use them because they're a symbol of "progress" and "worldliness". Hmm...
     Buttons on a website take you from place to place, like pages and to other sites, too. One of four shiny buttons on the side of a website could take someone to your website. Someone who might never have known how to get there before, someone who might appreciate your art or maybe they're looking for just what you're selling- goods or services. Look at me now. 
     Your button on my website, mine on yours. Wait, the number of people with buttons is too large! Don't worry, they'll rotate, four to a site, so the circles get bigger, but no one gets distracted from your website, just attracted to it. Bigger and bigger. Worldly. Global.
     Alenco Software takes care of the logistics. We'll create a button for you and make sure the parameters are just right for travel through cyberspace. Security? The best. Exposure? You bet.  Buttons.   We're not Amish.  Let us create a button for your website.
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Advertising on 12 websites for FREE!  Wow!
     This is our newest offer for all website owners.  This free service will increase your web traffic and bring potential customers/clients to your business.

     Animated buttons on websites locally, nationally, and worldwide.  If you have a website that needs exposure, and who doesn't, then you need to consider 'ButtonBarter

      Three participating websites will host your button each quarter.  You will place four buttons on your site.  Once a quarter the buttons rotate, so everyone will receive new exposure.  Don't worry about the technicalities, we handle that.  Just sit back and watch your hit-counter grow.
Click here to design your button.
Click here to view our ButtonBarter Working Example.
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